We all need a little stress in our lives to help us function as individuals as well as in teams. Stress is the driving force that helps us deal with everyday tasks by allowing us to see the task as a set of logical processes for a satisfactory solution. When the stress in our lives becomes excessive, the simplest task can seem impossible, especially if it is required to be completed within a time frame. The build-up of stress can often go unnoticed until it becomes a major problem with your performance at work, your quality of life at home and often both. This can leave you feeling like the world is against you and in time if not dealt with the stress you are feeling will affect your  general health.

Often stress in your personal life will affect your performance at work leading to even more stress. The same can be said for work-related stress affecting your quality of personal and family time. 

By learning how to deal with your stress, is in itself the first step to regaining control of your thoughts, your time and in all honesty, your life. 

Uncontrolled stress will affect your decision-making, sleep, moods, social interaction, work and more importantly your overall health.
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